Hey, I'm

Justin Woodring.

I'm an undergraduate senior in Computer Science at Southeastern Louisiana University.

A little bit more about me...

I primarily enjoy programming in Rust, but I'm skilled in a wide slew of programming langauges. From building a cross-platform graphical DFA simulator in Java 17 to building a week-based media scheduling system as a web API using Rust + React, it's apparent I have a wide array of interests. I love learning about, understanding, building with, and designing: programming languages, operating systems, alternative internet protocols, cryptographic standards, and web3 technologies.

I balance my time between school, professional obligations, and my various hobby projects and interests.

Where I've worked

  • At Elevator3 I worked as an intern software developer where I worked on several of the consulting company's ongoing projects most of which used .NET and React
  • At the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory I worked within a technical division responsible for building and maintaining services that were provided to other parts of the company. My work involved building a system using Rust and React that extracted a user's information from their smart cards and created a profile for them on our private SSO after approval by an administrator.
  • At Southeastern Louisiana University's Student Publications I worked as a developer & technology advisor where I built an equipment tracking system in PHP and built a newspaper stand heatmap based on physical newspaper throughput that extracted GPS locations from the metadata of uploaded photos also in PHP.

Some of my projects

  • DFAify - A graphical simulator for DFAs
  • Alexbox - A week-based media scheduling system
  • aespresso - A graphical frontend for Arch Linux's archlinux-java script
  • sloop - A non-interactive stateless irc message dispatcher