Introducing Snowman Sniper DX 🎉

Meet the Creator 👋

Hello, I'm Justin Woodring.

I created Snowman Sniper years ago as a labor of love. Now I'm bringing a revised version, Snowman Sniper DX, to world.

Snowman Sniper DX is a fun casual game with a competitive arcade style edge. It's fun for friends or family and great for kids too! As a computer scientist by trade and profession, I respect your desire for fun, gimmick free, privacy respecting, and safe software. And I have great news for you, I'm not a money-hungry triple-A game studio and I don't want your data.

If you love Snowman Sniper DX as much as I do, share it with your friends. ❤️

Support 🔧

Current version: 1.0

Known issues:

If you encounter an unreported issue or bug drop me a line at,