Zealotry doesn't produce good code


It's not uncommon to be around other developers, and then you hear that guy who swears up and down language XYZ is the silverbullet solution to all problems. And naturally it's also the language said person has devoted all their personal time to learning. I've commonly seen this in cases where someone doesn't want to learn a new language or toolset.

In almost any environment, you can find two camps composed of these kinds of people. The only real difference here is seniority. The senior group has used some XYZ technology for some large percentage of their career. Meanwhile the junior group desperate to set themselves apart decide to replace the antiquated technologies imposed upon them by their senior peers. And the zealots in this group choose to invest all of their focus into new technologies.

As the junior zealots turn into seniors they begin imposing their now antiquated technologies on their younger replacements. All of this is simply in an effort to not become deprecated. It seems to these individuals that pigeonholing one's self is the only way to avoid feeling as though they have wasted their time learning language XYZ.

This simply isn't the case. Learning different languages and frameworks provides perspective. Nobody ever got any toolset or language completely right, if you disagree, then you must really love koolaid. Because every language was created by humans to solve a specific problem and as we gain experience and technology changes so does our need to design new tools.